Functional Movement Evaluations

It is important to train your body to perform with the best biomechanical form in order to prevent injury and perform at your highest potential.  Functional movement evaluations use a set of movements and exercises to detect and assess any abnormal biomechanics.  We are able to assess your body’s positioning and movements to identify areas that may be adversely impacting your movement and/or your sport performance. We are able to detect weak, tight, and overused muscles along with compensation patterns and kinetic chain dysfunctions. Once the evaluation is complete, we will develop a treatment and rehabilitation program to improve your biomechanical function, decrease pain, and prevent future injury.

Video analysis is a highly useful tool for assessing and observing an individual performing a specific sports skill or function. The movement will be analyzed and broken down into its fundamental components to find any biomechanical or movement dysfunctions.

Examples of Functional Movement Evaluations

  •  General Muscle Imbalance Assessment
  •  Walking Gait
  •  Running Gait
  •  Cycling
  •  Baseball Pitch & Swing
  •  Golf Swing
  • Tennis Serve